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Linking ArcPad application to an Access Database

Question asked by lightswitch on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by lightswitch

I'm looking for some help coding a very basic ArcPad application that needs to sync to a MS Access database.

I've found plenty of high-level discussion on how to design an app like this but nothing too explicit. If someone would be willing to share code for this I would be very grateful!!

The idea is simple and must have been done countless times before.

-Create a custom form for ArcPad to be deployed on Trimble GPS unit.
-Captured data to create shapefile with some related tables
-Back in office, hook up GPS to laptop and hit custom function to sync collected data with MDB

Thats all! Even just a listing of required steps would be great. And if you have code or an application you can share that is similar, then that is wonderful.

Thank you!! Joel.