Find tool doesn't work with lat / long

Discussion created by Sveinung on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by ecain-esristaff
I made a post in this thread yesterday (, but thats in the ArcGISexplorer Online Forum.
We use ArcGIS explorer Desktop for the rescue service at Svalbard. We cannot get the find-tool to work properly when searching after lat/long-coordinates. The map is projected, wgs84, sone 33N. We use the ArcGISexplorer desktop 1750 ( with the expansionpack ArcGISexplorer Projecetion Engine Expansion pack. Run in a win. 7 environment.
If we try to use the find tool to find coordinate posistions, utm33 positions works fine, e.g. 8682371 514164.
But if we try to zoom to lat / long position (which is widely used by in SAR-operations), ArcGISexplorer does not work. The help documents shows different ways of allowed lat / long formats but they dont work.
78.5 17.5 ends up in africa at the equator.
N 78 30 00 E 16 30 00 ends up somewhere in Ireland. The position is translated to N78, Athy
The only format I can get to work is to write decimal degrees and add N and E in front (N78.8 E16.6). There is no way I get the degrees, minutes, seconds to work. This is far away from the flexibility described in the help file! have any suggestions?