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    Identify of Point Feature Difficult to Select Point

      Using the ArcGIS iOS app, I am trying to click on a point feature to access the callout window to look at feature attributes.  While it works great on an iPhone, using an iPad it seems impossible to actually click the point.  While on an iPhone, you just have to get near the point to get the callout for the feature.  On the iPad, it seems that even if I click directly on the point it won't pull up the info for the feature.

      Anyone else have this problem?
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          I am having the same issue.

          I did notice that when I turned off the polygon feature class that was part of my operational layers, I was able to select the points.  This might be a work-around, but doesn't seem very ideal.  (I'm not sure this will help you because I don't know if you have a mix of points a polygons in your Map Service).  For an ideal solution, in the interface I would like to see the underlying polygon feature-class (the sidewalks) to give me some reference to where the points (trees) are located.

          Also, when I turned the polygon feature class off, I was able to select the points more easily, but then when I turned the underlying polygons back on, I was STILL able to select the points.  This seems like a possible bug in the interface, but not sure.
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            Hi Michael,

            I had not played around with it much since I posted this thread in the forum.  However just the other day I pulled the iPad out to work on it again and magically, it worked just fine.  I have no idea why as I did not change anything thing in my GIS services. 

            I'm sorry I cannot help you as to why this is, I did not try to figure it out since I would probably have broken it again and I surely didn't want to do that.  If you do figure it out, please post again to this thread.
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              The app will currently drill down on and retrieve popup information for features contained within a given tap buffer. We currently don't sort the results that are returned for the that tap. For more exact pin locations holding your finger down will bring up the magnify glass and can help you in finding the exact location you wish to drop the pin.

              Hope this helps you out