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    arcpy Array methods

      Has anyone else had problems with the Array class? I'm trying to do a sort on line segments that I have stored as arrays of points. All the Array methods seem to work fine except for insert and clone. Every time I use the insert method it appends.

      Also does anybody have a working example of how to use the clone method?
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          do you have a code example?
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            import arcpy
            infc = "C:/Pipeline"
            # Identify the geometry field
            desc = arcpy.Describe(infc)
            shapefieldname = desc.ShapeFieldName
            # Create search cursor
            rows = arcpy.SearchCursor(infc)
            array = arcpy.Array()
            point = arcpy.Point()
            # Build polyline list
            for row in rows:
                feat = row.getValue(shapefieldname)
                partnum = 0
                partcount = feat.partCount
                while partnum < partcount:
                    part = feat.getPart(partnum)
                    pnt = part.next()
                    pntcount = 0
                    pntArray = arcpy.Array()
                    while pnt:
                        if pnt:
                            point = arcpy.Point()
                            point.X = pnt.X
                            point.Y = pnt.Y
                            point.ID = pnt.ID
                            point.Z = pnt.Z
                            point.M = pnt.M
                            #Create an array of points representing a line
                            pnt = part.next()
                            pntcount += 1
                        if not pnt: 
                            pnt = part.next()
                    partnum += 1
                    #Create a master array of point arrays in order to sort them
            # Sort polyline array
            pLineMax = array.count
            dummyPoint = arcpy.Point()
            dummyArray = arcpy.Array()
            #Index for point arrays that needs comparison
            pLineIndex = 0
            while pLineIndex < pLineMax - 1:
                #Index for point arrays that is a test comparison
                pLineIndex2 = pLineIndex + 2
                while pLineIndex2 < pLineMax - 1:
                    # Compare endpoint of line to endpoints of other lines
                    tempPoint1 = array[pLineIndex].getObject(array[pLineIndex].count-1)
                    tempPoint2 = array[pLineIndex2].getObject(0)
                    tempPoint3 = array[pLineIndex2].getObject(array[pLineIndex2].count-1)
                    # if endpoint matches another segment
                    if str(tempPoint1) == str(tempPoint2):
                        # Assign pointer to point array that needs to be moved
                        pntArray = array.getObject(pLineIndex2)
                        # Remove point array from master array
                        # Insert point array in the appropriate place
                        array.insert(pLineIndex + 1, pntArray)
                        # Exit the while loop
                        pLineIndex2 = pLineMax
                    pLineIndex2 += 1
                pLineIndex +=1

            The first part is copied from the help files and modified. I wrote this in PythonWin 2.6. I only have the sort for one end of the line segment so far.

            I'm new to Python but I have some experience as a programmer.

            Thank you very much
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              The only workaround I've found is to redraw the array of point arrays in the order I want. I know that the Array insert and replace methods expect a point or array object, and the clone method expects a point object. I can only think that the problem is that these methods aren't accepting the parameters as array or point objects, even though I built the arrays using arcpy.Array(), array.add(), and pntArray.add(), and I've built the points using arcpy.Point(). I'm passing the objects based as addresses retrieved by using the getObject method. It almost seems like the methods will only accept static objects and not dynamic objects, but isn't the array just a set of pointers?
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                Another bug, I think:

                import arcpy
                p = arcpy.Point()
                a = arcpy.Array()
                a.replace(0,p) #so far so good
                a.replace(2,p) #but, they are both replaced
                p2 = arcpy.Point() #however, if you make a new point...
                a.replace(2,p2)#...it goes only where expected

                If you change an attribute of an existing point object, even the id, and then replace it somewhere, it will replace all the old instances in the array with the new attribute.
                (So maybe it's not a bug?)
                (just a little annoying)
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                  Maybe it is because we are all too casual with the difference between immutable and mutable objects in Python. The arrays are mutable, so assigning a new value does not work as expected.
                  # classic example of mutabilty in action
                  a = ['spam', 'eggs', 100, 1234]
                  b = a
                  print a
                  # ['spam','eggs',100,1234,'abc'] # << note that a is altered when we only appended to b
                  print b
                  # ['spam','eggs',100,1234,'abc']