MGCP Subregion Metadata Enhancements

Discussion created by mjsilv on Feb 6, 2012
Hello!  A few enhancements we would like to request for the MGCP file geodatabases (TRD2 and TRD3):

1) Subregion Source (equivalent) scale (SSRCSCn):  When the source is non-imagery, such as GeoNames, AAFIF or DVOF, the source scale is not applicable, therefore should be blank (omit the tags from XML).  Currently you must put a value, such as "0".  Can this field be configured to allow blank (omit tag from XML)?

2) Subregion Validation Date Stamp (SVDATE):  This field does not allow us to enter the Time portion, we have to add it manually after the xml is created.  Can this field be configured to allow entry of the Time portion? Currently the time is defaulted to 00:00:00.