Customized Identify Behavior

Discussion created by sthambir on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by sthambir

1. I do not want to use the standard Identify behavior in the map web part as I have a need to customize some of the attribute values. First, can someone tell if it is possible to customize the standard identify behavior?

2. Assuming, I can't do the above, I have created a new behaviour using the IdentifyTask on mouse click. IdentifyTask is returning back the results correctly. But, I want to bring up an info window with these results. I have seen discussions like this in the Silverlight forum but all I want is create the info window entirely on code-behind. With the silver light example on Simple Info Window, I am struggling to understand how to set the content template from code-behind (i.e. in my custom behavior code) without having any reference to the xaml.

Any pointer on this is much appreciated.