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    Fix Topology Error Tool - Failed - Can't Fix any Errors in Topology

      I am attempting to fix a large amount of topological errors in my parcel dataset. My goal is to migrate to the parcel fabric, but I can't seem to get my topology error tools to work. I have a very large amount of point errors - but very very few line or area errors.

      Here is the topology summary file:
      ,Must Be Larger Than Cluster Tolerance,,0,0
      Right_of_Way,Must Not Overlap,,38,0
      Parcel,Must Not Overlap,,47,0
      Right_of_Way,Must Not Have Dangles,,365,0
      Parcel,Must Not Have Dangles,,8697,0
      Right_of_Way,Must Not Self-Overlap,,0,0
      Parcel,Must Not Self-Overlap,,0,0

      I have tried zooming in very very close to the parcel lines where it shows the point error and I cannot see any dangles at all - am I missing something on this? When I try to trim, extend, or snap (I have tried with many different tolerances) I always get a fail message.

      I would be happy to share a scaled down database if anyone would like to take a look for themselves. Or if you have an idea of what I am missing I would GREATLY appreciate it.

      Thank you for your time.
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          In my experience, a lot of point errors will cause the validate to return an error.  You can try using the "Validate topology in a specified area" and just do a little at a time.  Also, those recommended fixes for dangles are problematic and tricky to get to work.  When I run into something like that I choose "select feature" in the Error Inspector.  That allows me to do other things with it...like intersect, trim, etc. 

          Another note, because dangles are point errors it help to have a line error that can accompany it.  Since you said you are working with parcels we sometime use "line must be covered by boundary of poly."  This will allow you to "subtract" in the Error Inspector.

          Depending on how far you're zoomed in and the length of these things, you may want to run "check geometry."

          Hope that helps!