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    Starting Out

      Hi All,
      I have had a good look through all the threads but couldn't really see what I am looking for. I have installed the ArcGIS app on my droid phone and connected to our own ArcGIS server and can view the map OK. However I would like to add an editable layer. Tried to do this via a feature service - copied the feature service URL into the JSON code but it didn't work. I have been looking for a entry level user guide on how to create a map service and add editable content as well as some kind of form so users can click a point and submit the form to a predetermined email address. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Have been publishing maps via ArcGIS server for a few years now but this is the first attempt at smartphone apps. Also tried downloading the SDK for android and other Java components it states you must have but couldn't seem to get the Eclipse software..? Any help would be most appreciated.
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          Hi Mark,

          You are not alone in looking for some sort of comprehensive guide to setting up ArcGIS Mobile and the associated services for different mobile devices. In this area, ESRI is really lacking in developing comprehensive step by step documentation for all the different supported OS's. Most help you find is from scouring other people's posts where they have managed to figure things out for themselves and shared their findings.

          Come on ESRI give us some decent guides for ArcGIS Mobile!!!