Multiple Configuration files

Discussion created by ramon42 on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by mmiller-esristaff
First and foremost, I love the new configuration dialog box that is included with the tools in this data model. However, I do have a question regarding multiple config files. Is there a way that every time I open an MXD that a certain config file will be loaded? The problem is, I am ready to deliver two different systems to a client and these two different systems are saved in two different MXD files. Each config file has been modified to the appropriate system. I am just trying to find a workaround so the client does not have to load the config file each time he wants to open up an MXD file. As I'm writing this, this is probably the whole point of the new configuration window and settings so you can load different configuration files for different projects. To summarize what I am trying to ask. Is there a way to open up an MXD and have the correct config file loaded automatically? If this is not possible, perhaps a feature request would be to somehow save the config file to the ArcMap document.

Sorry, that was quite a mouthful and I appreciate your time.