Question about INFO and Lookup Tables

Discussion created by jschramek on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by vangelo-esristaff
I have what is probably a very tough question.  Back in the OLD days, before ArcGIS, and maybe generally before workstations, perhaps all the way back to when Prime was the parent language for ArcInfo, the typical convention for lookup tables was to have an info directory that was not subordinate to a workspace.  Essentially, you went into INFO and then user name ARC.  I'm not exactly why this was the convention, but back then we had developed a lookup table that cross-walked soil mapping units to climax vegetation.  This generated really nice timber stand information and now, after more than a decade of this use being "discarded", there is interest in it again.  However, even though an old backup directory still contains the "INFO username ARC" structure in info, the Workstation ArcInfo provided at Arc10 only knows INFO from within a workspace.  It would be wonderful if there was an export file for this particular dataset, but there isn't that I can find.  There might be on one of several hundred 8mm tapes I can no longer read, but that is another issue.....fishing expedition for info on a tape that can't be read without cost of finding someone to read it, and no assurance which tape.  What would likely work would be to have some means to bring up INFO from the prompt not inside Arc:  .  That used to be REALLY easy, as on a unix workstation, which we no longer have either, that was one option for how it functioned.  Is it still possible to bring up INFO without being in a workspace?  Is there another way to recover this file from a well-stocked directory of similar old lookup table data?  This is the sort of question that probably requires the attention of Dale Hunnicutt or someone who had similar expertise in INFO from the old days.