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    Snapping mysteriously stops working...

      This has happened repeatedly for me in ArcMap 10 - I will be creating polygons and lines using snapping and then mysteriously I am no longer able to snap to anything, no matter what i am editing.

      All types of snapping are enabled, and 'UseSnapping' is checked. The ONLY thing that may be in any way related is that it happens after re-opening the .mxd after saving and closing, but this could be total coincidence (??).

      While unbelievably frustrating, the way I have dealt with this in the past is to create and build up a new dataframe (i.e., start over), but this is getting to be far too laborious.

      Does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening? I have searched around and can't seem to find anyone with the same problem.

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          Do you have ArcGIS 10 with SP3 installed? I guess it might be actually a good time to start an incident at Esri Tech Support.
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            This happens to me a lot too. I have to close and re-open the edit session, that usually works. I have SP3, it didn't fix it.
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              I've had this happen over the years in different versions, and so I copy the layers I'm working with and paste them into a new project, edit there, save and reopen the original with the layers updated.
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                This has been happening to me too occassionally . Sometimes stopping/starting an edit session helps. Sometimes just zoomming in/out will also help and sometimes the cursor will snap to one part of the line, but not another. It's pretty frustrating, especially when you're on a tight deadline, like I am today!
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                  I know this is very basic, but make sure you are in Data View.  If you're in Layout View, snapping will not work.  It's maddening because it worked in both views in previous versions of the software, and it took me entirely too long to figure it out when I got V. 10.

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                    make sure you are in Data View.

                    Ken - thank you, sir!! I can now stop bangning my head on the desk and get back to work!
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                      Snapping does work in layout view, but only when you are working in a "focused" data frame. Double-click a data frame with the Select Elements tool to focus it, which basically makes the data frame, rather than the layout page, the target of your actions. You will see short diagonal lines around a data frame when it is focused.

                      Otherwise, sometimes complex features may cause slow performance, even resulting in a near time-out of building the cache of features that are available for snapping. This might make it so you cannot snap to some features.

                      We would like to look into this further. If anyone experiencing this could contact Esri Support or your local distributor with your scenario and data, it will help us isolate and fix the problem.
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                          Guess I'll throw my hat in the ring. 


                          ArcMap, have a gdb feature class that will not snap in layout view on two different maps, but will in data view.  Guess this has been an on-going issue, didn't notice til I had two seperate maps open, one in data view and one in layout.  I couldn't snap in the layout view, ended editting session switched to the other map document, then open editting in the data view map and snapping worked no problem!  Closed editting session, changed that map from data view to layout view, opened a new editting session, and no snapping again.  GDB feature class has ~850 polygons in it.