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    Autocad 2012 can't load Esri Maps


      I'm using AutoCad 2012 with ArchGIS for Autocad.  I'm unable to add Esri Maps without autocad (not responding) and basically crashing.  I have managed to get a map in a couple of times, but soon as I move it or refresh, it stops working.  I have turned on/off dynamic without any luck.

      I'm trying to work in Missouri, USA area.  Does anybody know what maps (if I was to assign them) I should use?

      I just want it to stop crashing. 

      Thanks for any help.

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          Any luck with this David?  I just loaded AGS4AutoCAD here.  I can take a look.

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            You would be much happier using AutoCAD Map 3D 2012.  It can read shapefiles and geodatabases, and it has the ability to reconcile and post to ArcSDE as well as other databases.  If you send me the shapefile or geodatabase in question, I would be happy to see what it does in Map.  Civil 3D 2012 also has much of the functionality found in Map.  Both can be downloaded in a free trial version online at autodesk.com.  The civil AutoCAD dealer in Missouri would be either Midwest CAD in Lee's Summit or Seiler Instrument in Belton and Saint Louis.  Their sites are www.mwcad.com and www.seilerinst.com.

            The Autodesk software discussion forums are at http://forums.autodesk.com/ as well as on the Autodesk User Group International website.

            Most state GIS data is free or by request at the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service: http://msdis.missouri.edu.

            If you have paid software maintenance, Autodesk also has online and phone support. 

            Jay Johnson  jay.johnson@aecom.com 
            AECOM Technology Corporation
            Sumter, South Carolina