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    Sections not lining up in the middle

      I work in Oklahoma for an oil and gas company.  I have imported my sections and townships.  The problem is that about 5% of the section numbers do not line up in the middle of the section.  I have tried many things but cannot seem to get.  please help.
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          Have you considered converting labels to annotation?  Right click on the layer and choose "Convert Labels to Annotation".  Once that is completed, you can place the label any where you want.  There is also the label priority ranking and label weight ranking button to give your labels priority:

          Label Priority Ranking
          Display and set labeling priorities for the currently active data frame. The Label Priority Ranking dialog lists all of the data frame label classes. Work with this list to give some label classes higher or lower priorities when labeling. Label priority controls the order that labels will be placed on the map. Labels with a higher priority will generally be placed first. Labels with lower priority that conflict with higher priority labels may be placed at alternate positions, or dropped from the map.

          Label Weight Ranking
          Displays and sets labeling weights for the active data frame. The Label Weight Ranking dialog lets you assign relative importance to features that are used when there is a conflict (i.e. overlap) between labels and features on the map. With labeling weights, you can control how strongly features will act as barriers to label placement.