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Geometric Network Automation/Scheduling

Question asked by mlou on Feb 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2012 by mlou

We have a geometric network containing our Water supply assets, and we have been manually running traces on different parts of the network to determine our demand areas (based on Closed valves and position of bulk water meters to measure in- and out-flow of water in the area). 

We would like to have this automated somehow, but the only way I think this can happen is by using .Net as there don't appear to be any Python tools available for use on a geometric network.  Is that correct?

How difficult would it be to set up some kind of automation that sets the status of the closed valves and the bulk meters, and then running a trace to find the water mains within each area.  These areas can change when a valve is opened or closed, or a meter is added or removed.  I'm not much of a .Net programmer, but if its fairly straightforward I could give it a try?