ArcGIS Explorer 1750 crashed after GPS is reconnected

Discussion created by jianhuazhou on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by ecain-esristaff
Recently, we are testing GPS function of ArcGIS Explorer 1750. My OS is Vista.
Here is what we did:
1. Load ArcGIS Explorer 1750
2. connect USB GPS, click ''Receive Signal" and start GPS function
3. After a while, unplug USB GPS device without turn off "Recive Signal"
4. Then plug USB GPS device back. Even though "Receive Signal" is checked, ArcGIS Explorer cannot find GPS signal
5. Then we had to click ''Receive Signal" again, but when we click ''Receive Signal", ArcGIS Explorer crashed.

If we turn of ''Receive Signal" at step 3. Then ArcGIS Explorer did not crash at step 5.

Would you mind to help us figure out why? Is it GPS device issue or ArcGIS Explorer issue?