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    External GPS via bluetooth

      I'll admit there are other places I could post this question but I thought this was a good place to start.

      I'm running the ArcGIS app for android on a Motorola Xoom and able to access and edit feature services hosted by our ArcGIS server.  So far so good.  Next I'd like to substitue a better GPS receiver.  I assume it's possible to connect via Bluetooth but so far I'm having no luck.  I've got a Trimble Juno paired with the Xoom but no connectivity is taking place.

      Just curious if anyone has successfully connected to an external GPS unit and used it with the ArcGIS app for either android or iPhone?  Thanks.
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          I am having a similiar issue.  Where you able to find a solution?
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            I have successfully paired a Dual XGPS150 to the Motorola Xoom and then run the Bluetooth GPS app using these instructions.  This allows all other apps on the tablet to make use of the XGPS150 instead of the built-in GPS which is next to worthless.  Next I fired up the ArcGIS app for Android and connected to an online map with Feature Services included from my local ArcGIS Server.

            All of the above also work on an iPad with the only difference being the GPS app that is used.  Bluetooth GPS probably still works but Dual actually makes their own control app for iOS which is what I used.

            Another good option is the newer Garmin GLO which is iOS and Android compatible.