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ArcInfo 10.1 - ArcInfo Workstation Issues

Question asked by curtvprice Champion on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by curtvprice
A few things to keep in mind as you plot your Workstation future, such as it is. :(

  1. As you all know according to the 10.0-10.1 Deprecation Plan the link between ArcGIS Desktop and ArcInfo Workstation is severed at 10.1 -- there is no ArcInfo Workstation 10.1 release.

  2. A side effect of this is that if you cannot run ArcInfo Workstation on a 10.1 single-use license; you can only get a license concurrent-use, from a flexlm server (ArcInfo 10.1 or ArcGIS Advanced 10.1).

  3. If you have a 9.3 version of workstation available you may get better performance from it (and more stability in my experience) than 10.0. I have been testing this without problems so far. (Although I haven't tried it yet, I doubt the Coverage Toolbox toolbox works -- however, I never use it and don't recommend it to others.) On the downside, there is no  single-use licensing in out-of-the-box ArcInfo Workstation 9.3.1

  • ArcGIS10.1-000391 Cannot authenticate Workstation with ArcGIS Advanced Single-Use (Incident #986661)

  • ArcInfo workstation is only available as a concurrent-use license and since version 10 was the last release of this software no changes can be made at 10.1.
  • #NIM067913  AML performance at version 10 is 50% slower than the same AML code run at version 9.3 on a 64-bit computer operating system.  Possible workaround here:

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