Msg in Build 250/AutoCAD 2011/64 bit win7 - "Map Already Exists in Current Drawing"

Discussion created by GarySiorek on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by AThunuguntla-esristaff

Looking for an answer. I'm an EDN working on a new project, and have just got ArcGIS for AutoCAD set up and loading properly in my ribbon menus in AutoCAD 2011. When I try to access any of my normal ArcGIS Server published map services (local, network, online) - the maps won't display, the fields in the tools remain blank, and I always get the message "Map Already Exists in Current Drawing" - with or without a drawing being opened. Zoom extents show nothing in the drawing. If I try to open a drawing with or without an associated world file, I get the same when I try to use the ArcGIS tools. Any thoughts on what's wrong with this picture?

Gary Siorek, GISP