Open Project "mxd"  by web service and its transmission to Application

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    Application1 call a web-servis1 which works on server ArcGis Server 10.
Web-servis1 Should open project MXD (C:\mydoc.mxd)
And return map in such in container

public class clImage
            public byte[] Image;
            public double Scale = -1;
            public clExtent Extent;
            public clSize Size;
            public double PageScaleNeed = -1;
            public double PagePercent = -1;

Made the following

IServerObjectManager pServerObjectManager = CreateServerObjectManager ();

serverContext = pServerObjectManager. CreateServerContext ("", "");

IMapDocument mxd = serverContext. CreateObject ("esriCarto. MapDocument") as IMapDocument;

mxd. New ("C:\mydoc.mxd");

//in this variable I should give a map
clImage retValue =             

Prompt how to make or where to read