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    Unable to connect to localhost through Tracking Viewer for Flex


      I have a user that is having issue with connecting to their server, the user is able to connect to the ESRI sample server.  The user has verified the following:

      - Using the default port, no custom configuration. The user also tried connecting to Port 5505. 
      - Tracking server is not configured to use authentication.
      - Flex Policy Server is running on the machine that Tracking Server is running on.
      - Tracking Server is runnning
      - The Tracking Server Connector data link is running and has an established connection with the Gateway.
      - The Tracking Server Connector data link has at least one tracking service available for distribution. the useris  using the Taxis simulated data link.

      The user is working through the Tracking Server tutorial, everything work fine until they connect to their localhost.The site becomes unresponsive and no error message is returned. Is there something that the user is missing ?

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          We are happy to hear that this issue has been resolved by the customer after restarting Tracking Server.  Without more details, we can't know exactly what the problem was, but some configuration changes are known to take effect only after a restart of Tracking Server (changing port numbers, changing policy server configuration, etc.).  If the customer was changing the configuration, that could explain why things began working only after a restart.