Update to Esri Redistricting Scheduled 3/1/2012 after 5pm PT

Discussion created by rhardy-esristaff on Feb 27, 2012
Esri Redistricting Online will be updated on Thursday 3/1/2012 beginning at 5pm Pacific Time. This update includes a number of enhancements and fixes for defects that have been reported. During this time the application will be unavailable for use. We anticipate the update to the application will span approximately two hours. We will post a maintenance page during this time to indicate the upgrade is in progress.

The release includes the following highlights:

â?¢Precincting support: Esri Redistricting Online now has tools to support precincting. You can view and control the target mean, target values, and target deviation from the District Statistics dialog box.
â?¢Publishing map packages now supported: Publish layer packages have been replaced with publishing map packages for increased functionality such as basemaps.
â?¢Publishing KML now supported: Publish map services have been replaced with publishing KML.
â?¢Printing option to show roads: Ability to show roads on the printed map and in the plan book.
â?¢Additional reporting options: Ability to generate Metes and Bounds Report.
â?¢Basemap enhancements: Basemap containing street labels.
â?¢Access Log Entry: Importing plans now stored in the plan access log.
â?¢Drag and drop organization in the Open Plan dialog box: You can now easily drag and drop plans from one directory into another. This features helps you organize district plans.
â?¢Email ability for reports, archives, and printed plans: You can now Email reports, archives, and printed plans to yourself and other recipients.
â?¢Upload and modify shapefiles: Users can modify shapefile (point, line, polygon) symbology, transparency, and scale dependency and manage these settings from the Map Contents panel after the data is imported.
â?¢Print map services: You can now print services added to the district plan map.
â?¢Persisted navigation tools: Navigation tools are now always visible in the application. You can access the navigation tools on the slider bar.
â?¢Enhancements to plans displayed in ArcGIS.com Viewer: Published plans to ArcGIS.com now reflect the Unassigned district. You can also see an HTML popup in the ArcGIS.com Viewer with the district demographics and a demographic histogram.
â?¢Enhancements to Split Precinct Report: Split Precinct report can now be run without creating a plan with a VTD hierarchy. District population percentages added to VAP Report. Split City Report now properly indicated city splits between districts, not just counties as before.
â?¢ Chart enhancements: Plan Histogram base value can be adjusted. You can now export chart images.
â?¢Open Dialog box now supports Open Local plans: You can now Open Local from the Open dialog box.
â?¢ Interface enhancements to show the selected tool: The cursor now reflects the tool selected.
â?¢Software version now visible: The software version is now easily visible from the application interface.

If you have any questions regarding the update to Esri Redistricting please send an email to the Redistricting team at redistricting@esri.com.