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    Shapefiles to CAD with Data Intact

      Hi folks,

      I found a few threads related to the question I am about to ask, but they were all 'dead' threads that apparently no one had answered. So, I will try again:

      A client of mine requested that I convert a .shp of 2' contours into CAD for their use. However, the 'Export to CAD' tool does not preserve the actual table data- all the contour lines have the same shape, color, linetype, etc. My client has no way to see what contours are what once it is exported.

      My question: can someone give me a brief walk-through of how I might be able to export these contours into CAD with the data table still attached? The only way I can think of to do this otherwise is to export each individual contour line into CAD on a separate layer that is labeled appropriately, then reassemble all the layers into a single CAD file again. Doable, but inefficient!
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          That happens to me too so I don't even try the export tool anymore.  Do you have CAD?  In AutoCAD Map 3D you can convert shapefiles into blocks using the command 'mapimport.'  It's also on the ribbon in the Map Drafting tab -> Insert panel -> Import.  After you select the shapefile it has options for importing attributes.  I don't know about doing it with other CAD versions though.
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            Actually ArcGIS does retain the data tables when the any GIS feature layers are exported to AutoCAD using the EXPORT TO CAD geoprocessing tool.  To use the resultant attributed feature classes in AutoCAD download and install the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plug-in from Esri.com.  Similarly you can use the plug-in to create attributed feature classes within AutoCAD files.  The plug-in also supports ArcGIS Server Services such as feature services, image services and map services and its free to download.