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    Map Ownership

      Could someone explain how the ownership of a map in Explorer Online works please? My dilemma is this: I wanted to save a map to my folder from the 'Featured' content to use in a demo for teachers later today. When I saved it, the ownership of the map has been given to me - however I did not create the map, and feel pretty bad taking the ownership away from the original creator!

      Is there a way to save a map with credit being given to the original owner? And can the ownership revert to the creator after saving as it is now?

      Thanks for any help.

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          There can only be 1 map owner - the workflow you describe is the only option in this case. There are a couple of things to do to help preserve the "ownership" of the original public map:

          1. If you decide to make the map public then call it something like "Copy of..." and add a note in the description where it came from

          2. Don't make your map public but rather share it with only the group interested in it

          Unsurprisingly this arcgis online model of map ownership has led to many instances of the original map being copied and saved multiple times so I wouldn't feel bad about it - it's just the way it is