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    Geotagged pictures to kml

      I am currently working on a project that requires geo-tagged pictures to be uploaded as .kmz file on google earth. What esri product can be of help?
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          Any updates?
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            Any news coming out yet?
            I need convert the photo with point feature to KMZ file so that I can view data information and image information in Google earth .
            does anyone has good idea?
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                Judging from this thread (Google Groups ), it appear that you can use the Picasa desktop application to import the geotagged photo's and create a kmz from it.

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                  Here is one way you could accomplish creating a KMZ file of geotagged point locations that also shows the picture in the popup window.


                  Using ArcMap - ArcToolbox use the "Geotagged photo to points" tool.


                  Select the folder that your Geotagged photos are in. and specify your output location for the feature class.




                  Click OK and this will add your features to ArcMap.  If you use the popup tool and click on the feature you will see something similar to the following:



                  We will change this path, so that the resulting KML will work as desired.


                  To do this, Right Click on the Layer and Open the Attribute table.



                  Start Editing



                  From the Attribute Table use Find and Replace to change the path attribute.




                  Do two Find and Replaces to change the string from



                  <img src="files/build1.jpg" width=200/>


                  Depending on your picture size may want to experiment with the width.


                  Find Replace one


                  Find Replace two.



                  Save your edits and stop editing.



                  If you look at the popup now,  you will see that is shows a broken image.




                  Next, use the Layer to KML tool in ArcToolbox to create a KMZ file of your layer.



                  In your windows file browser, browse to the location of the KMZ file that you just created.

                  Rename the .KMZ file to a .ZIP file.




                  Extract the zip file.




                  Browse into the extracted folder and add a new "files" folder, this matches the attribute path update made earlier.


                  files folder created.



                  Next, Copy your Geotagged photos into the files folder.




                  Now open the doc.kml file in Google Earth.   The popup in Google Earth should show the pictures.

                  From Google Earth "Save Place as..." and save it to a KMZ file.  this will create a KMZ file with the Point nodes and Photos zipped up inside.


                  I have attached an example created with the process above.



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                      Hi Mark Bockenhauer,


                      I think this explanation deserved a place of its own. Might want to copy and paste it into a blog post. Thanx for the contribution +1 for that.


                      Kind regards, Xander

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                        Another option is to link the photo with the following html code (Add a column to the attribute column and make sure the contents matches the code below)


                        <a href="&""""&"file:///"& [Path]&""""&">"& [Path]&"</a>


                        Export to KML and all your points will now contain links to the images.


                        The downside of this method is that the html pop-up in google earth contains a link to the image and once you click that link the image takes up the entire screen.


                        The upside to this method is that it can be easily automated and requires very little effort.


                        Does anyone know if an image added as a link can be resized so that it does not take up the entire screen?

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                        I put a tool up on arcgis.com which basically wraps the Layer to KML tool and does many of the steps Mark outlines above.


                        The tool was designed to work specifically with a points layer that already has image attachments embedded. (Because it injects a < img > tag into the KML).

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