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Zoom to a Point in the Map

Question asked by stanko80 on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2012 by stanko80

I have the problem, that I need to zoom to a specific Point (my own GPS Position) in the Map... but the SpatialReference of the
Mappoint (with the GPS-Coordinates) seems to be different, than the SpatialReference from Bing Maps. Here is the relevant part of the code...

            SpatialReference sp = new SpatialReference();
            sp.WKID = 4326;

            MapPoint mpZoomToGPSPosition = new MapPoint();
            mpZoomToGPSPosition.SpatialReference = sp;
            mpZoomToGPSPosition.Y = epl.Latitude;
            mpZoomToGPSPosition.X = epl.Longitude;

            MyMap.ZoomToResolution(MyMap.Resolution / 5, mpZoomToGPSPosition);

The "ZoomToResolution"-Function works, but the WKID of the SpatialReference of "MyMap" (this is the whole map declared in the xaml-File) is "102100". Can someone help
me please.
Is it maybe possible to change the WKID of "MyMap".

Thank you.