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    File Geodatabase API 1.2 now available

      The File Geodatabase API 1.2 is now available for download from the resource center. (http://resources.arcgis.com/content/geodatabases/10.0/file-gdb-api)

      What�??s new at 1.2:

          * Support for Intel-based Mac. The minimum supported OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.  The supported compiler is gcc 4.2.1.
          * Macros for error values allowing for more readable code. (NIM077630)
          * HRESULT IFDEFs have been updated to define if they are not set. (NIM071619)
          * File Geodatabase API function parameters are const ref's where possible. (NIM071620)
          * Coordinate systems supported updated to match ArcGIS 10.1. (NIM078034)
          * Structure definitions for curves (CircularArcCurve, BezierCurve, EllipticArcCurve).

      Fixed Issues:

          NIM071538 The spatial index is not used in a spatial search.
          NIM072876 Dates are not correctly read or assigned when using the File Geodatabase API .NET wrapper.
          NIM074135 You cannot assign a domain to a table created with the API.
          NIM077629 Correct the Bezier curve buffer documentation in the extended_shapefile_format.pdf, the stated size is wrong.
          NIM075930 DeleteGeodatabase crashes intermittently.
          NIM076353 Row.SetGUID fails to set a value with the .NET wrapper.
          NIM077138 Table extents truncated, breaking spatial indexes.
          NIM078028  Fix the Mutlipatch Shapebuffer helper function.