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Geocoding - get street segment

Question asked by gast1-int on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 13, 2012 by msaif
Hello to everybody,

I am quite new to ArcGIS and could really need some support.

I am using the US Census' TIGER files' data to geocode addresses for an academic research. In addition to latitude and longitude of the actual address, I also need to know the street side the house is on and the corresponding street segment. For your information: In the TIGER files, the left and right side of a street are determined by "walking" from the start to the end node. Start and end node, however, do not necessarily correspond with the beginning and end of the respective street segment.

At best, in addition to the street side that the geocoding process provides me with, I will get the start and end node's coordinates. Is there any way to do that? Using the standard geocoding tool, I don't see how to do that, unfortunately. Do you have any ideas?

As a workaround, since the TIGER files use interpolation, I have geocoded the addresses next to the house, i.e. house number + 2. That will leave me with a very rough estimation of the coordinates of the street segment's node. That is OK, however, since I am really only interested in the bearing of the street. Nevertheless, it is not specific on the street side. So, also as a workaround, is it possible to get information on which node corresponds with what end of the address range, that is to say, is the start node also the beginning of the address range or the other way round?

Many thanks to all of you in advance! If there are still any uncertanties about what I actually want ArcGIS to do, please feel free to ask.