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    Can I add a new category to an existing layer?

      Hello all,

      I am trying to market a product only in affluent communities.  I have used the layer for "median net worth U.S." which color codes all districts with median household net worth over 200K in the same color.  My project would be infinitely easier if I could make that dark green "200K-500K", have another color "500K-1,000,000" and one last color for "1,000,001" as this seems to be the maximum value.  Can I do this, and, if so, how?

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          Hi Jeremy,

          Typically your question would be better suited to the ArcGIS Desktop or Cartography forums since it doesn't have anything to do with routing vehicles or ArcLogistics but I'll try to do my best to answer here.

          You can right click on your layer file and choose Properties.  Then browse to the Symbology tab and choose Graduated colors under the Quantities entry.  On the right, choose the field value you want to classify by, the number of classes, and then enter your ranges.  I'll attach an image of how I did this for city population as it should be much easier to see.