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    StreetMap Premium Server

      I just purchased the streetmap premium for server geocode only.
      I just copied all of the streetmap premium data to a network drive. I am trying to authorize the server to be able to geocode with this data but I can't run the SDLIC file. There is no program association to run it. Anyone know how to authorize the server to use the data. The instructions with this data is a little lacking.

      Any advice is appreciated.
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          Hey Brian,

          Have you got the QuickStartGuide.htm file which should be in the StreetMap Premium folder? There are instructions on how to install the license file in here.

          Do you have ArcGIS Desktop installed? If you do, double clicking the .sdlic file should activate the licensing process. Another way to enable a license is to use the ArcGIS Administrator. Run the Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator. Switch to the Data Licenses folder in here and choose Add a license... Browse to the .sdlic file you've copied to the disk.

          Let us know how it goes.
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            Thanks for the reply.

            I did look at the quick start guide on disk. I will be using the data set for server geocoding so it mentions the install the license on the SOM and SOC machines. It does not give any further detail on doing so. I do not have ArcGIS desktop on the server so there is no program that knows what to do with the SDLIC file. Anyone have any experience licensing the street map premium on the server?
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              Hi Brian

              I apologize that the documentation is lacking for Server-only machines.  We will be updating the QuickStartGuide for all future ESMP products to account for this scenario.  We recently changed how the data licenses are managed with ArcGIS Administrator, and we have not yet resolved how to automatically install the licenses on Server-only machines.  We were hoping to get this in one of the SPs, but it has not happened yet.  In the meantime, there is a way to get the licenses installed on these Server-only machines.  If you double-click on the sdlic file, it should ask you what program you want to open it with.  Browse to ArcGIS Server bin folder and select the DataLicInstall.exe.  This should install the license, and you should get a message saying so.  Regarding any SOC machines, you will also have to install the licenses on each as well.  I hope this takes care of your issues.  If not, or if you have any other questions regarding StreetMap Premium, please email me at ptsushima@esri.com.

              Thanks - Paul