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    Project shapefile(ArcGis 9.3) exported from AUTOCAD

      Hello All,

      I want to use data from Autocad in ArcGis 9.3, then I trabsformed a DWG from Autocad into a shapefile in ArcGis, this have been successful but the problem is that the shapefile created from AutoCad do not overlay with other shapefile I have, and I think the problem is about the coordinate system.I am using shapefile in Transverse Mercator  GCS_WGS_1984.

      Your help will be appreciated!

      Thank you!
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          If the only issue with your data is that it is not in the proper location, and not a jumbled mess, chances are you just need to define the coordinate system for the shapefile you created.

          Within ArcCatalog:

          1. Right-click on the shapefile created from AutoCAD

          2. Select 'Properties'

          3. Select the 'XY Coordinate System' tab

          4. Click the 'select' button and choose your Transverse Mercator GCS_WGS_1984 projection

          After you set the coordinate system, your shapefiles should properly align.
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            As long as your data frame coordinate system does not match the coordinate system used within AutoCad, you have to define the projection of the transformed AutoCad file.

            Best way is dmsteff89's solution.

            As far as I know does AutoCad do not have the explizit terms of a coordinate system like GIS, like using a ellipsoid information for projection.