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    Catalog data loader

      I have been using the data loader in Catalog to load data in the local government model everything was going well untill I tried to load data into "PollingPlace" a dialouge box came up "Cannot load into non simple data". Why is this? I was under the assumption that the Local Government model was based on a simple data structure. Has anyone else experienced this. I loaded our addressable structures fine and I also loaded  our voting precincts fine. If anyone has any suggentsions I would appreciate it.

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          The simple data loader can not be used if you are attempting to load data in to a feature class that participates in a geodatabase relationship or network.  The Polling Place Feature Class has two relationship classes that are associated with it.  One table is called PrecinctPollingPlace and it is used to manage the relationship of 1toM precincts to a single polling place.  The second table is called PollingPlaceComment and this table is used to store comments submitted by the public about a given polling place (new functionality coming in an update to the ArcGIS for Local Government Polling Place application later this month).  You'll find more detail on these relationships in the Data Dictionary that accompanies the Local Government Information Model.

          Instead of using the simple data loader, you can append your data to this feature class in ArcMap or use GP to load your data.

          Hope this helps.

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            that worked......