ArcGIS 10.0 Export to CAD (DWG) Newbie - unable to get it to work

Discussion created by avtest1 on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by nscholtz
I'm unable to export to DWG format some 3D models

I go to the Toolbox --> Conversion Tools --> To CAD --> Export to CAD

I select the only input feature class, which contains the 3D models.
I leave the ouput type to the default DWG_R2010
Output file to the default.
I leave the Ignore Paths in Tables checked.
And the Append to existing files unchecked
And the seed file empty (seems to be for dgn, not dwg)

I get an output DWG file the is 9K, where the geodatabase directory is about 32MB, and each separate model is close to 1MB

I tried the forums and found in 9.x that you needed to to set the "CADType" field to '3D Polyine'

Tried it still a 9K file size.

Anyone understand what I'm missing