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    ESC- Doesn't do anything for me in Arc10

      I know Cartography might not be the best forum for this questions but I'm doing some fancy cartography.

      Hammering on the ESC key doesn't stop the refresh or labelling in Layout View as of Arc10. It worked fine in 9.3 but now in Arc10 I can hold ESC down and the Layout will continue to draw. This is fairly annoying for doing minor colour tweaks or small cartographic changes.

      I initially thought this issue was limited to when I was labelling from definition queried join fields but now I have straight data and I can't get the layout to stop drawing.
      I realize the workaround is to turn the offending layers off but the old way of just hammering on ESC means I am less likely to forget to turn a layer back on before export.

      I was hoping someone who works on complicated (read pretty) cartographic layouts could test to see if hitting ESC stops their layout from drawing.
      I am hoping it's just my machine.

      Thanks in advance.