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    Merge Courses Editing tool is Malfunctioning...

      Hi All,

      I wanted to put a post out there to see if anyone else is having any trouble with the (Merge Courses) tool. I am working in the Parcel Fabric doing edits, and this tool would certainly be useful to reduce the creation of gaps/slivers in my fabric. When I use the tool however, say to merge the courses of three consecutive lines with similar bearings, what I get in my parcel details dialogue, under the Lines tab is one merged line created out of the three, and four extra overlapping lines (two copies each of two of the three original lines). I realize it may be possible to just delete the extra lines, but it seems to me to be a little more trouble than its worth and probably a bug. Plus who knows what else could be happening without my realizing it.

      At any rate, I just recently installed Service Pack 4 for ArcGIS10 and think the bug may be tied to the updates. I have a coworker who hasn't installed it yet, and the tool seems to be working fine on his system.

      Let me know what you all think.

      Justin McCulloch
      GIS Department
      Wood County Ohio Auditor's Office
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          It sounds like you are using the (interactive) merge tool from the Parcel Editor add-in.  At some point it was core I think but for some reason ESRI did not include it at 10.1. I have seen that bug before, but I apologize for not recalling what service pack it was.  I have put in a request to bring it back.  Hopefully it will be available at 10.1 sp1.

          A workaround is for you to use the merge courses tool that applies a tolerance to the entire construction to merge lines and create the linepoints.  I use .033 which equals about 2 minutes.  For best results, use a small tolerance and delete the original parcels (checkbox). Note:  You can clean up any unneeded linepoints afterwards by using the delete linepoint tool (disadvantage of the tolerance and global functioning of this tool).

          As I said before hopefully the interactive merge you describe will be added back to core with the next service pack.