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    Assigning multipoints to a shape file


      I have a lot of multipoints associated with a lot of roofs (shapefiles)

      I want to use the text data of the multipoints which I have found by using the 3D analyst tool to convert the feature class Z to ASCII

      But, when I do this, I can no longer tell which point is associated with which building (shapefile)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated


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          Due to the format of the multipoints, you will not be able to see them as individual points. If you prefer the individual points, why not simply create the point file?  If you shapefiles are polygons, I suppose you could try to clip the points by the polygons.  It almost seems as if you are trying to classify the individual points by the roof they apply to.  I would almost thing exporting it as a point file and the applying a spatial join would be more appropriate.  The points can then have the name of the polygon they are inside.
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            Hi jeff,

            That (pretty much) solved it! I needed points instead of multipoints. Once I had the data in this format, it was pretty simple. For some reason, a spatial join didn't work so I used the Overlay Analysis tool and selected intersect and the did the job.

            Thanks for your help