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    Publish MXD files to PMF in Batch


      I am trying to batch export a number of mxd???s to PMF files and make them available to many users with ArcReader. Does anyone know of any way or using using ArcGIS or ArcPy to accomplish this.

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          Out of the box for ArcMap currently there is no option to do this, arcpy doesn´┐Ż??t have access to the publisher extension which is required for creating a pmf from a mxd. I would suggest posting this on our Ideas site, where our developers visit quit often.  Gracias!

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            I had assumed this was like Adobe Acrobat and Reader. Until I needed such functionality and actually downloaded Reader and Explorer.  (v10)

            Unless ESRI adds ability to export to .pmf in ArcMap, and/or import .mxd in Reader and Explorer... it will significantly limit the usefulness and number of users for Explorer and Reader.  Adobe sells Acrobat because everyone has Reader and thus PDF become the de facto document standard.  Same for AutoCAD .dwg and Design Review.  Perhaps if ESRI opens up MXDs it will become the de facto map document?  Food for thought.   I'd bet it'd make more money in the long run than a handful of Publisher licenses. ;)