MapTips not working with MapApplication.Current.Map

Discussion created by mikeober on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by koeh0017
I have run into an interesting problem where I am able to get MapTips working on a map that I create myself, but not on the map provided by the MapApplication.Current.Map reference.

I created an AddIn (just a Command that opens up a new user control/window) that contains the code from the example provided at http://help.arcgis.com/en/webapi/silverlight/samples/start.htm#GraphicsMapTip, with a few changes. The control doesn't create it's own map, but uses the map provided from MapApplication.Current.Map. I use the same GraphicsLayer xaml code provided from the example, but just put it inside the user control's LayoutRoot resource list instead, and add the graphic layer to the application's map when the control loads with the MapApplication.Current.Map.Layers.Add method. Doing this, the geometries are showing up, but the MapTips won't display.

As a test, what I did was create my own map within the user control, using the same map xaml code from the example. I added the graphic layer to this map instead of the one provided from the MapApplication, and the geometries display with the MapTips. The code is exactly the same, just referencing a different map. I actually have a sample now with two identical graphic layers, one assigned to each map, with copies of the graphic returned from the query added to each layer. In this example, MapTips display in my user control with my own map, but not on the viewer's map.

Anyone know why this might be? Is there a step that I'm missing to get MapTips to display on the viewer's map? Any help is greatly appreciated.