Getting "Invalid file or corrupted file" Exception when Opening Map Cache after Sync

Discussion created by MakiG007 on Mar 23, 2012
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Ok, So I have this Windows Mobile 6 ArcGIS Mobile 10 SDK application that I can get to run wonderfully as long as I have created a mobile cache and physically placed it onto the device.

But whenever I try to use a MobileServiceConnection, MobileCache, and MobileCacheSyncAgent to Synchronize my map with the MapServer on my ArcGIS Server I get a "Invalid file or corrupted file" exception as soon as I try to open the MobileCache.

I checked the ArcGIS Server logs and it appears to be receiving the request, and processing it correctly:
Level Message         Time   Configuration
INFO3 Server Context released.      2012-03-23 17:40:37 Facilities.MapServer 
INFO2 Binary request successfully processed. Response size is 2136 bytes. 2012-03-23 17:40:37 Facilities.MapServer 
DEBUG MobileSync: Get Schema [elapsed time = 0.001189 seconds].  2012-03-23 17:40:37 Facilities.MapServer 
DEBUG Schema Checksum 2197403820.      2012-03-23 17:40:37 Facilities.MapServer 
INFO2 Binary request received. Request size is 5 bytes.   2012-03-23 17:40:37 Facilities.MapServer 
INFO3 Server Context created.       2012-03-23 17:40:37 Facilities.MapServer

Here is my
                if (!Utility.CheckURLConnection(AppProps.MobileMapServiceURL + "?wsdl"))
                    MessageBox.Show("Not able to connect to map server.");
                mobileMapServiceCache.StoragePath = mobileMapServiceCachePath;
                mobileMapServiceConn.Url = AppProps.MobileMapServiceURL;
                MobileCacheSyncAgent mobileSync = new MobileCacheSyncAgent(mobileMapServiceCache, mobileMapServiceConn);
                if (mobileSync.IsValid)
                    //mobileSync.StateChanged += new EventHandler(mobileSync_StateChanged);
                    //mobileSync.ProgressChanged += new EventHandler<MobileCacheSyncAgentProgressEventArgs>(mobileSync_ProgressChanged);
                    SyncResults mobileResults = mobileSync.Synchronize();
            catch (Exception ex)
                MessageBox.Show("Cannot synchronize with the mobile map service: " + ex.Message);

I even tried adding event handlers to the MobileCacheSyncAgent ... but they were never called ...

The MessageBox right before the mobileMapServiceCache.Open(); call always return 0 ...

back in 9.3.1 all we had to do was use a MobileService ... am I doing something wrong? Please help!