Snapping to find M-Values

Discussion created by crookcountygis on Mar 27, 2012
We are looking to change the way manage our road information. We would like to store address range information and other information in separate events tables for easier and cleaner managing. Obviously one of the key aspects of this is accurate ???from??? and ???to??? fields. Here is where we are having a problem.

Say we have a section of road that has an address range attached to it, if an intersection were to come into that small range we might want to adjust the road range and ???from??? ???to??? values, because we need to know exactly at how many feet that intersection happens. We are looking for a way to easily snap to the new intersection and find a precise m-value to adjust to. What is the easiest way of going about this? A couple work arounds we???d rather not do would be either zoom way in and measure the m-value (it???s not exact) or split the line and get the length that way (seems like more hassle then necessary). The measure tool becomes problematic on windy roads with a lot of vertices.