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    Stereonets in arcgis

      Hi there,

      Im looking into a way of creating some geological stereonets in ArcMap 10. I've found an old post pointing to a plugin that was available for version 3.2 but nothing else since.

      Does anyone know if there have been any updates or a similar plugin that is available.

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          I am not aware of any updates to the plugin, or any similar plugin.  There has been an enhancement request logged for this functionality, which is currently being looked at, but there is no timeline for when it may be implemented.  I would create a suggestion (if one doesn't already exist) on the Ideas website for this functionality. 

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            Hello iharry, have you managed to solve this yet?

            I would like to know if you simply wish to extract orientation data, or wish to actually plot stereonets in the software? I agree with Patrick that this is currently unsupported; my current workaround is to simply import stereonets as images in layout view.

            I too would very much like this feature or a plugin related to it!