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    Matching lines for vegetation card


      For a dune development project I'm working on I need to make a pre-habitat card with vegetation / habitat types on it. I want to draw some habitat types on a height map of the area, that way combining the habitats seen in the field with the height (for instance a dune valley needs a low height). If I make habitat X with the sketch tool, and then make habitat Y with the sketch tool, I sometimes want to use the lines of habitat X for habitat Y. Not parallel to it, but use the exact same lines coz sometimes they share some lines of course. How do I do that? Anybody I asked seemed not to know it, some said something about Snapping but when they tried it they failed. I hope you all can help me out. Thanks a lot in advance!
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          There are a couple of ways of dealing with this, and snapping is involved in all of them.  You can snap to points, end points, vertices and edges.  If you have created polygon X and want to digitize polygon Y so that the two share one common edge, the best tool right to use is the Auto Complete Polygon tool.  You should be able to look that up in the help system.  Other options depending on which versions of arcGIS you have available would involve building a topology, and using the topology editing tools such as 'construct features' but that starts to get a bit involved depending on what your needs are.