Campus Building Lines not taking Building Floors' query details

Discussion created by jinskipesri-southafrica-esridist Employee on Mar 30, 2012
I have a Building with multiple floors. So far I have captured the Basement and Ground floors in the Building Floors featureclass. I have added the building lines for the basement level and seemed to work fine. No I need to bring in the building lines for the ground floor (and then the floors above these). I have put a query on my Building Floors layer to show only the ground floor feature ("FLOORID" = 'Fl0'). When I add the building lines to my layer it brings in the details for the basement feature.

Am I missing something here. Should it not see that I am only viewing the ground floor and bring in the details for that floor. In the Workflow Tutorial document it says that I must apply a Definition Query to the BuildingFloor and the BuildingFloorLines to show only one floor at a time.

Thanks for any assistance.