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    Map Will Not Open

      I have a map that I cant get to open in  explorer online view. The explorer online view says that the "map cant be downloaded". The desktop view just keeps spinning its wheels, but never does anything. The size of the map is appx. 980 KB, so it's under the 2GB of free space that we are provided. It has appx. 40-50 layers i'd guess.

      It took me about 2 months to create this map. Does anyone have any ideas what the issue is, or why it will not open? Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          I don't think there is enough information here to be able to diagnose the problem. If possible could you share your webamap and post the URL to it? We can then investigate why it does not open,
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            I too am running into the same issue.

            I have cerated three maps, all with significant points plotted with shape files associated with them. I can open them fine from both my desktop files and the online group I have set up for them but no one else in the group can. They get the same message as mentioned in the OP. The other users in the group have made sure they have the approiate system requirements.

            One of the maps is 485k and the other is 10M

            What information do you all need to help diagnose the issue? Due to the nature of the information on the map, unfortuantely I cannot share the map.