Slow processing speed w/ large geodatabase

Discussion created by jmeberth on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by carrierkh
ESRI users and staff,

I have a major problem with using data from a file geodatabase. I have created a map that uses data from a geodatabase around 600 GB (HUGE, I know). I don't think I should compress it, because I still need to do a lot of edits on various feature classes. The file is so big that it takes forever to load my .mxd, do simple calculations in field calculator, delete a variable from a table, or export to other formats (e.g., shapefile). In fact, most of the time, ArcMap stops responding altogether or gives me error messages. Please help! I don't want to start over from stratch. I've been working on this database almost a year.

Any ideas???

Jan E.