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    Rules for distance of parcel limit at Building


      Excuse my bad english

      I'm working on a urban model derived from the town planning regulations.
      I required to establish differential distances between the boundary of parcel and the limit of each side of the building
      I tested with the offset command but applies the same distance from all faces, but I need to differentiate between the face and apply a distance

      What command should I use, or what is the proper rule?
      There is some learning resource CityEngine in Spanish, or any forum in this language?

      I appreciate any help. Thanks.
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          You can use the setback operation, in a recursive manner.

          I think any solution depends on some more details of your problem...
          The solution I provide bellow does not seem very elegant, nor it works in every situation... but it might get you going for now... :)

          version "2011.2"
          attr buildingHeight = 10
          attr buildingColor = "#4A708B"
          attr leftColor = "#FF0000"
          attr rightColor = "#0000FF"
          attr backColor = "#FFA500"
          attr frontColor = "#800080"
          attr frontSetback = 2
          attr leftSetback = 8
          attr rightSetback = 4
          attr backSetback = 10
          LotInner -->
          LotCorner -->
          Lot -->
                  front: color(frontColor) FrontPart.|
                  remainder: MinusFront
          MinusFront -->
                  left: color(leftColor) LeftPart.|
                  remainder: MinusFrontAndLeft
          MinusFrontAndLeft -->
                  right: color(rightColor) RightPart.|
                  remainder: MinusFrontLeftAndRight
          MinusFrontLeftAndRight -->
                  back: color(backColor) BackPart.|
                  remainder: MinusFrontLeftRightAndBack
          MinusFrontLeftRightAndBack -->
          Mass -->
              extrude(world.y, buildingHeight)

          I don't know any documentation in spanish though :S
          I normally use the application help menu window, and this forum :)

          Hope it helps!!
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            Thanks, i'll try to base me in your solution and then i comment the results.