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    How to obtain descriptive statistics for neighboring polygons

      I am doing a county-level analysis and I would like to use ArcMap to create some variables that describe characteristics of neighboring counties.  For example, I would like to know what the mean Percent Black is for each county???s neighboring counties.  So, if a "County A" has 3 bordering counties, 1 with 2% Black, 1 with 10% Black and 1 with 4% Black, then it would be assigned a value of 5.34 on the variable.  I would also like to create a variable that includes the highest percent Black of any bordering county.  So, in the previous example, "County A" would be assigned a value of 10. 

      Does anyone know how to accomplishing this in Arc Map?  I???ve been looking over the Geostatistical Analyst tools but the closest thing I could find was the Voronoi maps option but it looks like that tool completely changes your polygons before providing descriptive statistics. 

      Thank you!