Problem using .csv files to geocode addresses in ArcGIS 9.

Discussion created by janelle_hippe on Apr 3, 2012
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I've been having this problem for some time now when geocoding addresses in ArcGIS 9.  I click on the Geocode Addresses and the window comes up that asks me to "Input Table," "Input Address Locator," etc.  In the "Input Table" field, sometimes it gives me an error message when I try to use a .csv file and sometimes it does not.  I cannot figure out or have not been able to notice anything different about the .csv files it accepts as tables and the .csv files it will not accept as tables.  In fact, sometimes it seems to accept a table it did not accept at another time.  If anyone can help me out with this - i.e. - if anyone knows why I get an error sometimes when using a .csv file as my table and sometimes I do not - I would be most appreciative!