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    Variables storage


      Is there a way to store a value at some point in the code so I can use it later - for example:
      I want to determine a building's height based on the plot size and its footprint (in order to get my FAr right). So I need to:

      1. Measure the plot - geometry.area and save it
      2. create the building footprint with ShapeL (or offset / ShapeU....)
      3. now calculate based on a target FAR the height of the building (FAR = plot area / (footprint * no. of stories))
      4. extrude the building to the required height

      Its just that once I've done the shapeU operation I cannot go back to read the plot area as geometry.area(bottom) will now give me the building footprint.

      I tried with assigning the value to a new attr on the Lot rule (just before I divide them) but this doesn't seem to work.


      p.s. working with really tedious urban planners - you know how they can sometimes be :-|