Trouble publishing Feature Service on ArcGis Server 10.1 Pre Release

Discussion created by EDNFreddy on Apr 4, 2012
I'm trying to publish a feature service on a versioned featureclass in an Oracle enterprise database with ArcSDE 9.3.1 installed in it.
I created a sde connection file and used it in ArcMap to create the layer. So far so good. (We use this also in a 10.0 webapplication).
The connection properties that show up in ArcMap source tab are:

Data Type: SDE Feature Class 
Database Platform: Oracle
Instance: sde:oracle11g:/:sde_aan;local=acrd001.dbr.agro.nl
Authentication Type: Database authentication
User name: egeo_lees
Description: Instance default version.
Feature Dataset: AAN_OWNER.MY_DATASET                                  (fake name)
Feature Class: AAN_OWNER.MY_PARCELS                                   (fake name)

Then I start publishing it via the Share As -> "Service..." menu option.

In the Service Editor window I enable the Feature Service capability and since this is a read-only user I only activate the Query option on the Feature Layer.
Then I hit the Analyse button and it tells me:
High Unresolved 00090 Feature service requires a registered database Layers Data Frame Layers

Then I double click this row to add a Data Store. At this point I "Import" the SDE connection file I used to create the Layer in ArcMap. The connection properties show up in the greyed out edit box. Then I click the Ok button and I get the warning:
ERROR 001308: The server is unable to connect to the database [The connection property set was missing a requiered property or the property value was unrecognized]

When I start to Edit the "Publisher database connection" it pops up the Database Connection window with exactly the same parameters as when I created the connection. But when I click Ok the Edit box gets filled with another string than after the "Import" step (I can't copy this because it is greyed out). Now I got stuck in the publish process...

It is very confusing what is happening here. I tried also to register the database via ArcGis Manager and via ArcCatalog's Server Properties but nothing helps.
With 2 other feature services on non-versioned tables I managed to create the services without problems. It looks it has something to do with the versioning or maybe the use of a featureclass within a dataset. There are relationship classes within the dataset.

Can anyone help me out? It realy blocks me now.

Thanx in advance!