Referenced CSV files not showing in web map

Discussion created by aaronworthley on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2012 by aaronworthley
A recent issue with referenced CSV files breaking embedded web maps and application templates appears to have been fixed, however now when I create a web map that uses a referenced CSV file, the CSV data does not appear on the web map after saving and reloading.  The CSV is still in the Map Contents on the map info page, and when loaded into ArcGIS Explorer all data appears correctly.  See http://bit.ly/HRuE8x.  This map includes a CSV point layer and uploaded shapefile polygon layer.  Only the shapefile appears to be visible on the web map.

In addition, trying to create a map application from a template results in a blank map application- no data at all.

Are these known issues?